Importance of Customer Service

Importance of Customer Service

“70% of customers leave a certain organisation and do business with another competitor due to the fact that they feel ill-treated by the staff of the former business”, Tom Peters notes. Considering this bigger percent of consumer influx from one organisation to the other, it is so crucial to have a good customer service that will help on on-boarding of new customers, solving their problems, attend to their queries and requests and of much importance, to retain them. It is almost six times more expensive to find a new customer than to retain an existing one and hence the need to keep our existing customers. A certain English proverbs says a bird at hand is worth two in the bush, but in the customer service department, a customer on board is worth six customers that are doing business elsewhere. Taking the above simplified statistics into account, it’s important to serve and retain our existing customers. This takes us to:

Importance of Customer service in an organisation

1. Referral business/ Snow balling effect.

Good customer service results in repeat business with your customers and of much importance, customers who are delighted by your services or products are likely to tell others about your business and those satisfied “others” will go on to pass the news to other customers, a process that is referred to as snow balling effect. This helps cut your advertising costs as advertising will be kind of self-propelling.

2.Good customer service is a reflection of your products.

The quality of your customer services on the phone, via email, on social media handles and any other customer touch points is a replica of your products in the eyes of the customer. Good customer care reflects good products in the eyes of the customer and vice versa.

3.Helps solve customer queries

Customers want to work with those businesses who demonstrate a sincere desire to help them with anything they need usually at any time. Good customer service implies responding to customer complains, queries and requests on a round-the-clock (24/7 operations) basis. They (customers) expect products to work and meet their needs. Of much importance, they want someone to care when something goes wrong. So, here comes the importance of customer service representatives.

4.Good reputation

Providing good customer service results in satisfied customers “preaching” the good services that you have. Simply put, good customer service results in positive word of mouth. This results in your customers being your ambassadors of good will and a better reputation for the organisation.

In this modern day of social media usage, disgruntled customers are making use of social media to write negative comments as a way of revenging bad experience with your organisation. With many people being connected online, this results in a negative image and reputation. Good reputation takes long to build but it can be ruined in a second, be aware of how you serve your customers.

Enough for today, get in touch on my next issue on The best practises in Customer service.

Importance of Customer Service

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